Young Media Sales Mavens and their journey with the Zee-World brand


The moment Zee World Channel is mentioned in Nigeria faces mixed emotions that depict the level of awareness, following, love and association the brand evokes. The channel is present on DStv and GOtv platforms across Africa. However, the channel is not marketed by the DStv media sales team; this is where Trending Media Africa comes in as the premier media sales company that has worked with the Zee World team to market the many media exposure properties available to advertisers which are constantly growing due to the enormous eye value that the chain brings to the table.

To play successfully in the Nigerian market, you need to know what you are carrying, the value you bring to the table. We at Trending Media Africa are always delighted to say how great we feel to be associated with this one-of-a-kind channel. The level of transparency and the level of service delivery are all essential for the company to live up to the Zee World brand standards. We take our reason for being an MSR (Media Sales Representative) company very important so we take the information and feedback we receive from our agencies and clients to the Zee team. Zee World is always one step ahead in planning, researching, implementing and launching groundbreaking programming ideas to keep its viewers happy. They know what their consumers and customers want just like us, but they go the extra mile to make those viewers wishes come true. The duo of Julius Osumah and Afolabi Akanji, both managing partners of Trending Media Africa, in this conversation with BrandCrunch, told an untold story of how it all started.

Specialized media agencies pride themselves on being agencies that specialize in planning and buying innovative science-based media. TMA, as it is affectionately known, sells Zee World Media specials and offers tailored media opportunities which may include one-off announcements, sponsorships, brand integration and other tailored media offerings.
Trending Media Africa is a media sales representative for satellite TV, radio and related media platforms. “We are a company with a clear vision of what customer relationship and satisfaction should be like in an industry that faces big advertising budgets and a crowded media space,” Julius Osumah Managing Partner, Operations, told BrandCrunch. with his friend and partner. , Afolabi Akanji, Managing Partner, Sales at Trending Media Africa.

Burning with the desire to build a leading advertising channel in Nigeria, Zee’s team identified the two friends. “Based on what we were doing at DStv Media Sales. There, Afolabi Akanji was a front line media sales manager for DStv across all channels and I (Julius Osumah) was overseeing GOtv Media Sales. We were both doing well in this most populated market in Africa.

However, as faith would have it, we were both off work around the same time, Julius said. The two were then able to see clearly and reflect on the methods of setting up Trending Media Africa based on local and international experiences and the training acquired over the years while working for DStv.

On take-off, the duo target the big names in the country’s specialist media buyouts, but to their dismay the team were humbled by roadblocks that underscored the fact that “the big spenders weren’t not to take” as they already were. taken by market leaders and big spenders, but the duo knew they were in bed with a world-class chain that, in a few months, will be at the forefront of big media budgets based on tenacity and innovative chain construction.

“We realized we had to start selling to those we never anticipated, but selling with transparency, integrity and maintaining that professionalism,” Julius revealed, adding that “now we thrive on that professionalism because we were able to handle other people’s affairs in their absence with integrity”.

However, according to Afolabi, if one observes Indian ways of life carefully, one will find that they have cultural similarities with Africans. “That’s why in the 70s and 80s, people were in love with Indian films, they watched Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and other Indian films with passion,” intoned the managing sales partner.

So, coming up with great stories and beautiful subtitles makes it easier for us to sell the channel to advertisers. And of course, the audience model often changes as people identify with what they’re watching. All we had to do at that point was highlight those nice compliments to let people see what the channel has in store for viewers and the market; and how these line up. We are happy to have done so and delighted to have taken this bold step, added Julius.

Zee World makes sure to serve the public a huge pack of excitement”. In recent times, the success of the chain has been decisive in Nigeria. “Zee World Channel has become the highest rated entertainment channel in Nigeria, consecutively.

Corroborating Julius, Afolabi explains that the rating reflects an increase in ad traffic; “Advertisers are smart, they know where the eyeballs are. They also use the ratings to determine where the advertising budget is going.” This achievement means a lot to Zee World, Trending Media Africa and other partners who work with us.

Last year, as part of its effort to infuse international programming with revamped features to reflect local content from modern Africa into its programming, Zee World made “Dance Africa Dance”, a reality TV show dance which of course ticked all parameters of success. boxes. So it makes sense to change the focus and theme to “Dance Naija Dance”, a fusion of Indian and indigenous Nigerian music. Participants need to be creative about this. adding that the Zee team will spare no effort to make it a success as they come back bigger to the Nigerians this year.

Zee World is now a recognized premium channel with color spectra in both SD and HD. You can only sit back and relax with a glass of wine to enjoy such adventures and programming, to truly appreciate what Zee World has to offer.

At Tending Media Africa, Media Sales is not about selling, the duo prides itself, “it’s about understanding the brand, the target and the message. Overall, we aim for maximum value in terms of revenue for TV platforms, social TV owners as well as the producers we represent and return on investment/value for advertisers. We dig deep into brand personality in our media sales process,” they enthused.


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