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(WSVN) – She’s a skilled South Florida baker who depends on Instagram to grow her cake business. When her account was suspended, she turned to 7News for help. Kevin Ozebek of 7 investigates.

Whether it’s for a couple getting married or a child celebrating his birthday…

Lily Dominguez: “My cookies and cream are really good for kids. They adore him.”

Lily Dominguez turns cake dreams into reality.

Lily Dominguez: “I make custom cakes for a living.”

For 16 years, she has owned Edible Creations Bakery in Cooper City.

Lily Dominguez: “You come up with an idea, you tell me you want a superhero cake, we design it and we make it.”

Lily’s cakes are big, elaborate and popular on Instagram.

Kevin Ozebek: “What percentage of new customers come to you through Instagram?”

Lily Dominguez: “Like 85%.”

But earlier this month, on the Edible Creations Instagram page, there were no massive cakes. Just this message saying “Sorry, this page is not available.”

Lily Dominguez: “I’m frustrated, frustrated. I work really hard and I’m ready to retire in two years, and I’m just trying to make a living.

At the same time Lily lost the Edible Creations Instagram page, her personal Facebook account was suspended.

Lily soon received this message from Facebook. He says she posted a message that “goes against our community standards on child sexual exploitation”.

Lily Dominguez: “For me, it’s absurd. I am a grandmother.

Lily was stunned to have her personal Facebook and work Instagram pages blocked. The accounts are linked because both are part of Meta, the social media super company.

Her last Facebook post before the suspension was Mother’s Day photos with her adult children. They are far from being pornographic and no one is underage.

Lily Dominguez: “I really don’t know what happened. One is 39 and the other 31.

Lily says she tried to contact Facebook but couldn’t get any answers.

So we also approached.

A Facebook spokesperson told us, “It appears that the Facebook account and Instagram page were inaccurately disabled by our proactive detection technology…thanks for letting us know so we can improve our technology…”

Lily Dominguez: “I was trying to reset and tell them it was a mistake for two weeks, and they didn’t even get back to me, so at least you got a response.”

Lily says that when her Instagram page was restored, dozens of follower order requests were waiting for her.

Lily Dominguez: “My business is picking up.

And once again, her perfect cakes are back online for all to see.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.

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