Ontrack appointed Exclusive Media Business Partner for Kolkata TV and Rose TV


ONTRACK has been appointed the exclusive Advertising Sales (TV and Digital) and Marketing Partner, effective May 1, 2022, nationwide for Kolkata TV (Genre News) and Rose TV (Infotainment and Movies).

ONTRACK is a new era media consultancy with very domain-specific collective experience and knowledge. It offers innovative and tailored solutions to reach its clients’ audiences in local and national markets across all TV, digital, radio and display sectors through our core media brands.

With strategic business partners spanning FMCG, Automotive, eCommerce, Food & Beverage, ONTRACK aims to maximize partner exposure and reach with its #NewAgeInnovations.

Commenting on the partnership, Alok Rakshit, CEO of ONTRACK, said, “The future of media is moving firmly towards regional content. Regional channels have become the center of the planners’ universe, not because they are profitable, but also because of their regional focus. We are delighted to be associated with Kolkata TV and Rose TV who are successfully dominating the market in their respective genres in the West Bengal region as challenger brands. At Ontrack, our team has worked for decades with some of the best local and national media brands and are here to maximize the reach of Kolkata TV and Rose TV and change the face of the market by providing the right fusion of traditional and new- age. solution.”

Saugat Baanerjee, Commercial Director of ONTRACK, says, “We are delighted and delighted to take on this responsibility. Our plan is to consolidate the positioning of these channels and work with brands to create opportunities by offering personalized content solutions and more effectively monetizing their digital assets. We are confident that these channels’ growing audience, unique content, and personalized branding opportunities are sure to provide an engaging experience for advertisers. Our team across the country has a proven track record of creating success stories for its partners. There is no doubt that exciting times lie ahead and we look forward to creating a stir in Bengal with Kolkata & Rose TV.

“The level of professionalism and domain expertise with which the ONTRACK team represents its distribution partners in the national and local market is remarkable. This, coupled with their previous experience in managing news television brands and entertainment in Bengali, has made Ontrack a suitable choice. I am sure that with this partnership, Kolkata TV and Rose TV will become the most sought-after brand and unlock their true potential as valuable advertising platforms,” said Kaustav Ray , Chairman of Kolkata TV.


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