Kyler Murray removes mentions of Arizona Cardinals from his social media accounts as fans speculate


East Kyler Murray unhappy or does he just like to clean up his social media pages?

That’s the question Arizona Cardinals fans are asking after the franchise quarterback deleted all mention of the Cardinals from his Instagram page on Feb. 7.

The reactions are everywhere. It might be nothing, it’s social media so who cares? Others say he needs to leave Arizona and is done with the Cardinals and playing baseball.

Kyler Murray is Jerry Lal’s favorite player. “He makes it look so easy when it’s not,” he said.

At Brand Sports, he sells a lot of Murray jerseys while managing the store near State Farm Stadium, home of the Cardinals. “It’s the No. 1 jersey,” he said.

That’s why he’s now following some changes made by the former No. 1 pick’s social media accounts. “It’s just concerning because he did pretty well in the Pro Bowl,” Lal said.

Hours after the Pro Bowl on Sunday night, Murray deleted references to the Cardinals on his Instagram page and unfollowed the Cardinals on Instagram and Twitter.

Sam Edwards, a Cardinals fan, said: “So he moves, you think? It looks like it. Maybe not. But it does.”

He’s a Wyoming fan who picked up gear from Brand Sports. “There’s something going on,” Edwards said.

Former NFL offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion Max Starks commented, saying, “It’s an emotional moment because he’s a young man trying to figure out his emotions.”

“He doesn’t think that means Kyler is going to change sports or leave the Cardinals, but rather it’s a sign of how a promising season ended badly.

“When you have pie on your face, not everyone is friendly. So I think there is something emotional between him, maybe the management or the coaching staff that he tries to understand and that’s his way of showing it outwardly,” Starks said.

Lal just hopes his favorite player doesn’t try to send messages. “It could be nothing. It could be him having fun in Vegas, maybe. You never know,” Lal said.

Cardinals or Murray’s agent did not respond to FOX 10’s requests for comment.

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