“The Way” covered by Iuvit Media Sales


The action drama “The Way”, written and directed by Dastan Khalili (“Master”, “Insomnia Manica”), has been selected for international sales by Iuvit Media Sales. Iuvit will launch sales at the next European Film Market (February 10-17). The film stars Eli Jane (“Kong: Skull Island”, “Argo”, “The Mandalorian”, “Dirty John”).

The film was theatrically released on November 12 in Los Angeles and premiered on demand in the United States on multiple platforms on January 4, distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

Described as “an intense film about acceptance in the most extreme places and circumstances,” “The Way” won 36 U.S. and international awards, including the New York Movie Awards, Paris Film Awards and IndieFest Film Awards.

The film tells the story of Jane Arcs (Jane), who was sentenced to death after brutally killing her opponent in an underground street fight. After spending years on death row, Jane will soon be executed for her crime. While in prison, Jane underwent a major evolution under the tutelage of fellow inmate and Qigong master, Xin (Joan Wong), learning the way of Qigong and ostensibly gaining supernatural abilities.

As the day of her execution arrives, Jane embraces her punishment in the spirit of her transformation. But Jane’s boyfriend and correctional officer, Max Stone (Kelcey Watson), has very different ideas. He will do anything to save her. The essence of the mind collides with the raw power of desire, ultimately leading audiences to come full circle to see how essential both are to being human.

“We’ve had a great response to the film in the United States and at several international film festivals, and we’re thrilled to have Iuvit Media Sales present the film at EFM, where I believe it will be extremely successful,” said writer and director Dastan Khalili.

Max Czertok, Founder of Sales and Acquisitions at Iuvit Media Sales, added, “With ‘The Way’ positive reviews, numerous accolades and the universal themes of love and redemption, not to mention its scenes of gripping combat, we believe the film will attract interest from buyers around the world.

Dastan Khalili’s feature debut, “Insomnia Manica” (2005), was called by the LA Times, “an elegantly shot ambient piece amid the lost crowds of downtown LA”. Khalili has extensive directing experience including feature films, documentaries, educational films, music videos and theatrical productions.

Iuvit Media Sales’ programming also includes “I’ll Be Watching”, with Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley; “Free Dead Or Alive”, with Patricia Velasquez, Edy Ganem, Seth Michaels and Robert LaSardo; and “Chance”, directed by Matthew Modine, Tanner Buchanan and Amanda Leighton.

Khalili is represented by O’Neill Talent Group. Jane is represented by MAG Talent and Bold Agency.


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