Prince Andrew deletes social media accounts after title removal


Prince Andrew began deleting and limiting his social media profiles after finding the Duke of York had deleted his Twitter account and made changes to his Instagram page.

It comes after the prince was stripped of his military titles and royal patronages as he is currently embroiled in a civil sex abuse case.

Social media users noted that when they attempted to visit his Twitter page, @thedukeofyork, they were greeted with a message that read “this account does not exist – try searching for another one”.

Meanwhile, her Instagram has been made private rather than deleted. As for his Facebook account, it is still online but largely inactive since the last post dates from 2020.

To express confirmed that the changes to the Duke of York’s accounts reflect “the recent statement from Buckingham Palace”.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told the publication: “Changes have been made to reflect Buckingham Palace’s recent statement regarding the Duke of York.”

Meanwhile, a source said: “These chains have been created to reflect the Duke’s official work with patronages, charities and military associations and have not been in regular use since the Duke stepped down from his official duties in November 2019.”

It is expected that Andrew’s social media channels will soon be unavailable.


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