Media sales expert Jim Doyle presents his latest book, Selling with a servant’s heart


An “E&P Reports” Vodcast with Mike Blinder

For 30 years, Jim Doyle helped salespeople make more money as one of the best sales trainers for the broadcast industry. His latest book, Sell ​​with a servant’s heart, outlines ten lessons that ultimately lead to greater joy in sales while increasing revenue.

Doyle describes the concept saying, “When you commit to serving customers as a Servant Heart Seller, you will find more success, greater customer loyalty and significantly less churn. And you’ll have a lot more fun too. He goes on to add, “A lot of good salespeople would describe themselves as ‘customer-focused.’ But think of a level that is even above that. ‘Servant Heart Sellers’ would be best described as ‘Customer Obsessed’. Obsessed that the products they sell and their work personally deliver the best results for the customer. They are results driven, not just customer driven.”

In this 111and episode of “E&P Reports”, editor mike blinder go one-on-one with Jim Doyle to learn more about the concept of “Servant Heart Selling” and how any salesperson, sales manager or media company as a whole can benefit from adopting this approach to advertising sales .

More on Jim Doyle and “Selling with a Servant’s Heart: Ten Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income” can be found at


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