Kris Wu’s Social Media Accounts Deleted – What’s Happening?


Kris Wu’s social media accounts changed their profile pictures, only to be deleted shortly after.

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Kris Wu’s social media accounts deleted

On the evening of May 21, netizens discovered that Kris Wu’s Facebook and Twitter accounts had changed their profile pictures. Some also claim that the idol was online on Instagram. Kris Wu’s YouTube channel also had activity, with some songs being added to playlists.

(Photo: Kris Wu’s Instagram)
Kris Wu

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The sudden social media activity immediately caught the eye online.

The former EXO member’s fans took this as a sign that the idol was going to return to the entertainment industry following his sexual assault and harassment allegations. Others have speculated that the male idol-actor managed to turn things around and was quietly released from jail.

Kris Wu

(Photo: Kris Instagram)
Kris Wu

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However, on May 22, Kris Wu’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were suddenly deleted. These netizens shocked and baffled, leaving people wondering what was going on. Soon news of Kris Wu changing his profile pictures only to delete his account spread online.

Kris Wu's Social Media Accounts Deleted - What's Happening?

(Picture: Twitter)
Kris Wu’s Social Media Accounts Deleted – What’s Happening?

Many believe that both actions were committed by Kris Wu’s staff and not the idol. However, some still support the male idol and believe he was released on bail after being arrested.

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Despite many questions about Kris Wu’s current situation, Chinese authorities have not made the public aware of his case.

Kris Wu arrested for alleged sexual harassment

In July 2021, Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old student, took to Weibo to accuse Kris Wu of a pattern of sexual assaults with several women, some underage, under the influence of alcohol.

Kris Wu

(Photo: Kris Instagram)
Kris Wu

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She claimed Kris Wu assaulted her while drunk in December 2020, when she was 18. She claimed she was speaking on behalf of at least seven other victims, including two minors.

Kris Wu denied the allegations. The crimes are currently being investigated by the Beijing Public Security Bureau and other judicial authorities. Several companies cut ties with Kris Wu after the allegations, such as Bulgari and Lancôme.

Kris Wu

(Photo: Kris Instagram)
Kris Wu

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Police arrested Kris Wu in Beijing in July 2021. Then, in August 2021, the idol-actor was officially arrested in August 2021 on suspicion of rape.

Following his arrest, authorities did not provide an update on the idol’s court dates and final sentencing. Kris Wu’s current whereabouts and future activities are unknown.

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