Four arrested for hacking social media accounts to trick victims’ friends


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The city’s crime branch arrested four youths from Shajapur for cheating people after hacking into their Instagram credentials on Wednesday. One of the accused is a class X pass. They were targeting people who set their cell phone numbers as passwords. The defendants also confessed to hacking into more than 50 people’s Gmail accounts. The defendants are questioned further.

DCP (Crime) Nimish Agrawal said three complainants named Raja Rana, Sourabh Baradia and Ayush Hanumant filed a complaint with the Crime Branch that their Instagram IDs were hacked by unidentified men. After hacking into their accounts, the hacker was asking their friends for money after sending them messages using the complainants’ credentials.

A team of Crime Branch officials arrested four people named Rajkumar Madavadiya, Balram alias Ballu, Ajay Chandrawanshi and Paramveer alias Param, the residents of Shajapur district.

According to DCP Agrawal, the accused Rajkumar informed that he only studied up to class 10. He worked in an e-commerce company in 2019-2020 as a loader. Currently, he was unemployed and looking for a job. Later, he came up with the idea to trick people into hacking into their social media accounts.

The accused allegedly told police that they used to target the social media accounts of people who set their mobile numbers as passwords. So far, the defendant has confessed to hacking more than 50 Gmail accounts and more than 25 people’s Instagram IDs.

The accused used to send messages to people’s friends from their IDs asking them to send them money. The defendants sent the QR Codes of their Phonepe, Paytm and Google Pay accounts. According to the police, the defendants have deceived more than 25 people so far. The accused were handed over to staff at Kanadiya Police Station for further investigation.

Crime Branch officials have urged people not to set their mobile phone numbers or names as social media account passwords to prevent such fraud.

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Posted: Thursday 05 May 2022, 00:05 IST


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