Detroit Police Department launches Spanish social media accounts to reach more residents


The Detroit Police Department now has Facebook and Twitter pages where messages will be in Spanish to reach more residents.

Census data showed that 10% of Detroit children between the ages of 5 and 17 speak Spanish at home and 6% of Detroit adults speak Spanish at home.

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“Chief [James] White’s leadership supports her equity and inclusion priorities. I am proud to serve a city and a department that ensures that residents of all walks of life are protected and served in the way that best suits them,” said 4th Ward Commander John Serda, who speaks Spanish and has grew up in southwest Detroit.

The Spanish social media pages are the latest accounts to share messages from the department. Over the summer, the department began launching Twitter accounts for city police stations. These pages are used to post information about crimes in these areas and share photos of events officers are attending with the community.

“My primary goal is for the Detroit Police Department to be a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels. It’s more important than ever, and we’ll embrace it,” said the Chief James White.


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